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Target Practice Laser Slingshot

Target Practice Laser Slingshot

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Our Laser Slingshot is one of 2024's coolest gadgets. Whether you'reshooting targets, hunting, or repel birds, making awesome videos, our slingshots are guaranteed to perform and impress.

Whether you are a聽slingshot professional or an outdoor adventure enthusiast,聽this will聽surely protect you and amaze you and your child馃巵!

Innovative slingshot with extra accuracy!

Achieve perfect accuracy using the Laser Guided Slingshot! The slingshot has a laser-powered sight that is used to聽improve accuracy.

The slingshot is lightweight and portable to carry anywhere!聽


  • Comfortable Non-slip design: recurved handle makes the hand feel more comfortable.

  • All Skill-levels: The slingshot sight is equipped with a level instrument that allows the novice to quickly master the balance.
  • Laser-Guided Accuracy: It is equipped with a laser that can improve your accuracy.

聽The slingshot聽has stood the test of time due to its simple, yet effective design.聽 After thousands of years of the same thing, it's time for an upgrade!聽 The leveling and laser sight capabilities makes this the go-to equipment for hunting, competitions, or recreation!聽聽Challenge yourself and your friends to become a slingshot master in no time!

Steps for usage:
Step 1: Turn the nut counterclockwise
Step 2: Tighten the Nuts
Step 3: Insert Elastic
Step 4: Turn the Screws

Material: stainless steel + high strength resin


1 x Slingshot with laser sight
1 x elastic

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